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The Painter and The Pose

I had been an artist’s model once before.  When I was in the energetic heights of being an art student at Ventura College. The day the model didn’t show up for our life drawing class, I volunteered.  This was back in the 80’s.  It was one of the best exercises for me as an artist. […]


O.K. O.K.O.K.When I was looking online for inspiration and found Margaret Fabrizio’s (Atree3 videos) The cover photo on the youtube video that caught my eye was of a sunburst/starburst.  That was the feeling that I wanted….A center and growth.  Pulling out from that center….I wanted a pattern to follow. As I watched and listened, I found someone speaking a language […]


This is the last quilt I made (2009).  Austin gave me the silk from Thailand.  Years later, in Italy, I got the velvet samples from Etro. And, as usual, some shim shimmery that caught my eye.   Above is the quilt that I am making now.  In what looks like a pile of fabric, I […]

Just Photos

Out the Kitchen window Fox tracks crossing in the yard A house I like A B&B Depot Park Depot Park See post Sequence Shots for exactly that….the sequence. There are roads EVERYWHERE a lot of them dirt…it is a HUGE grid of roads.  The FIRST thing that I hear/see in the a.m.after a snow (after […]


Last night a semi truck drove by carrying a flat bed filled with people wrapped up from the cold singing Christmas carols. So this is Americana. The quiet of the morning wakes me. So this is snow. The House Hammondsport, NY Town Square Park at Lake Dock 

Three Stories

First story. Today I made a big pot of lentils- Which, Jeane & Chris especially, I know you like photos, and I keep forgetting to take them because I am so into the moment….  I need a photographer, or better yet, I need a chef.  Actually both would be nice, then we could trade roles. Moroccan Lentils The Moroccan Lentil […]

The Long and Winding Road

On the way up Walking up the Road Heading up the road this morning, my blood feels like clay.  No flow, and many unanswered questions  banging around in my mind.  I’m a bit terrified because this was one of the symptoms my severely depressed friend complained about.  “Thick blood, and feeling like being stuck in […]

Wake of the Lake

This morning’s walk took me further, beyond my usual route, ending up with my feet in the mud at the edge of the shore. There I could feel the energy of a storm just gone through the east, lapping in the heavy wake.  My west coast people are concerned for me in these storms.  I […]

The Assignment

Over a week ago the sun was ducked behind the storm named Sandy.  One week ago I was waiting for what was to come, after having prepared for it to the best of my ability. Bottled water, food, water in the bathtub, flashlight batteries, etc. This area was not touched by the storm as drastically […]

Amazing Nature

Working at Keuka Lake Vineyard (KLV). Today there was the most incredible rainbow coming out of a cloud and just touching the KLV which is also on the other side of the lake. It was most spectacular in real life.  Wish you all could have been there.