Just Photos

Out the Kitchen window
Fox tracks crossing in the yard
A house I like


Depot Park

Depot Park

See post Sequence Shots for exactly that….the sequence.

There are roads EVERYWHERE a lot of them dirt…it is

a HUGE grid of roads.  The FIRST thing that I hear/see in the a.m.after a snow (after waking from….in a slight whisper… the quiet) is LOUD,HUGE trucks, red lights flashing.  The plow, the sand, and the salt trucks.They are up and at it…they even cover all of those tiny dirt roads.  We get them first here in town.  And because there was only 6 inches total of snow last year…this year….. they are raring to get r’ dun!  

The Plow

The Sand

Sanded road
Keuka through the trees
Up the hill takes 30 minutes 
Another road and farm house
My walk
Sky is opening
All of the little creeks are starting to run
I love this tiny place
Vineyards and view of across the lake
More vineyards and cute farm house
Bully Hill Winery and vineyards
Vineyards and lake
More vineyards
The tiny place in the sun
My walk on the way back
The lake
Farm House
Real live ice sickles 
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  1. JAI
    JAI says:

    thanks for all the photos teal, i really got a feeling of where you are…..for me pictures speak louder then words at least most of the time……….i love your simple descriptions…..lol peace be with you as you move in the lifestream of your be-ing….


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