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Virtual Healing Retreat Hello Everyone~ Here is the information for the Virtual Healing Retreat~ Let me know through an email teal@tealrowe.com if you have further questions~ Here is the link to get tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/381422844997 by Padma Life Coaching with Marie O’Neill Follow $97 Date and time Tue, Aug 23, 2022, 4:00 PM – 7:00 Wed, […]

The Plague

The epidemic arrived at my grandmother’s house in the year 1911 near Malang, Java, Indonesia.  The youngest sibling, Thyrsa, woke one summer morning to a lifeless rat curled up next to her warm body.  That was the day the family realized that their lives would never be the same.   After watching her parents help others […]

Fire Stories~

Thinking about the idea of “time” as a “place”.  And looking at a place, Gridley Rd. through different times~ The following memoire written in 2000 by Joan Carroll (Hassall, Rowe):   The following by Karin Dron December 2017: THE HEARTBREAK OF FIRE DECEMBER 17, 2017 KARIN K. DRON OH, HOW THINGS MOVED QUICKLY…ONE EVENING YOU’RE […]

Deep and Wide

Down through the murkiest, muddiest~ Up into the clearest, highest~ Out beyond the widest, furthest~ In toward the deepest, darkest~ T….R….U….T….H…. Dear Jupiter, With Love~    

Got it?

More power to you if you don’t “get it”~ More Power to you if you DO “get it”~ Dear planet pluto~ we’re “getting it”.  

Up Cycle

Slow, deep, inhale~ Venus Exhale Mars~ hot, aim high.   Hear, see, smell, taste, feel Mercury weave prana~ a curve begins to spiral. Feather by feather, skillfully gliding the updraft~ leaning in toward unfamiliar, out, then in, a breath at a time.                        


See this link for the update:  Planning   Shedding Layers The first, close, tattered from a struggle, glides to the ground, it’s voice says “write for the universal, not from the personal”.  Thread bare strips which fail to fall, hang deep in the recedes of consciousness, surely to be met again in the future, this […]

The Lady in the Tub

True to her nature, as Austin put her mind to finding a claw foot for her outside deck, there was no stopping her. Cruising cow pastures for old tubs, knocking on doors, then finally the tip from a friend which led to “a great tub, in great condition, and we need to go get it […]

Dear Dennis

Dear Dennis, You know how energy washes through us, like a current of warm air on a cool breeze bringing in a memory, an idea, or sensation? I had this exact feeling as I followed a track winding up the path the other day. Someone had meandered with a branch dragging behind which left a […]

The Last of the Glass

“I just saw your work in Ventana Monthly” an acquaintance said as we crossed paths on the mountain trail. My focus switched from the surrounding nature, quickly to asking, “what work?” see article here “Glass” Having the ambient sound like that of an idling jet airplane, a glassblowing furnace burns, keeping the raw material molten […]