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   Cork ricocheting off the neighbors ceiling.  Wild aim at ribbons of laughter.  Independence of the first apartment. In. Silent movements stream from sounds plugged into my ears. Out. The impatiens continue to breath.  


A huffing and a puffing with all my might, I’ve been trying to be the woman.  Little did I realize, she has been here all along.  Not dormant, no, not grieving, nor healing- here, just here, the entire time. Aries moon frothing from the hard ride- Cracks?  Ah those!  Perfectly filled by Virgo as she […]


THE FAST LANE: BREAK FROM FOOD GIVES BODY A CHANCE TO CLEAN OUT by Edibleojai on October 28, 2013 in Fall 2013, Online Magazine  By Teal Rowe Recently I was looking at childhood photos. There are rifles and fishing poles leaning against the trees in the background. As a family, we focused on food: hunting it, fishing it, preparing it. We […]

The Grace Card

My grandmother grew, dried, and cut the top of a gourd to make a lidded vessel. This is where I keep my Angel Cards, 52 little cards with 52 different words and tiny paintings illustrating that word.  Today I choose the “Grace” card.  The smudges of paint and fingerprints that cover it take me back […]


HELLO EVERYONE!   I WILL BE SELLING MY VASEs, SCULPTURE, EARRINGS, ETC….which include the Glass Paint Brushes, Assemblage, Anchovy Can Altars, Bath Salts (the kind you soak in), Etc. OH yeah!…. I have making these bitchen crowns that everyone loves….know any royalty you want to make official? CROWN THEM!THROUGH NOVEMBER 24, 2013….Please note this, as […]


“I’ll give you a sign” Cindy said.  At the time she was well and we walked Shelf Rd. together most days.  The sign she referred to would come after her death.  Something she could relay to me to say that all is well.  I think we had the space to talk about death of the […]


How long does it take? To come up with the idea To learn how To get it all together Until it will be ready To allow it a life To let it go A lifetime I say, a lifetime.

Austin and Her Art

Update on “Austin and Her Art”-  Austin has just published her own blog.   http://www.austinbrayfieldpaintings.wordpress.com   This is Austin in her dining room….. This is her art:   Most of these pieces are large oils.   Some are collage. I DO have some great stories to tell about my travels with Austin and I WILL. […]