My background is in fine art, first as a painter, next a jeweler, and then a glassblower.

Re-introduced to the tools of astrology at the height of a turbulent journey through life’s transitions, I studied the stars intently. At that time I got divorced, sold my glass studio, moved and changed careers.

When I opened a retail store with the intent of selling my glassworks I did not realize it would catapult me into being an astrologer. The public seemed more curious about the astrology charts and books strewn over the desk as I studied than they were interested in the glass. This is when I began reading charts for others.

I am a creative thinker, a visual thinker. I see life as an opportunity for awareness and I use the tools of astrology to further this awareness for myself and to help others.

Natal Charts, Transits & Progressions, Couples/Family Sessions, Quick Check In Sessions.