“To keep it simple, it was a WOW moment for me when Teal read my
natal chart.”

“My astrology reading with Teal was very enlightening!  The reading helped put the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that has allowed me to have a deeper understanding of myself.”
J. A.

“Teal has an extraordinary ability to deliver a powerful, precise and easy to follow Astrological reading. It was mind blowing accurate, fun, and funny.”

“Teal wove together parts of my life and parts of me, making sense of areas of my life that I had never put together before. Teal’s reading was the most fun and powerful reading I have ever had! She is so gifted!”
K. P.

“Teal is intuitive and really cares about her clients well being and successes. I highly recommend her and can’t wait to get an update.”
R. K.

“Teal is an incredibly astute astrologer. I was so impressed by the reading I was given, I did not want the session to end because of how beautifully she delivered the messages of the planets to me!”
K. A.

“I can say right now that you spoke to me through my chart and I feel so empowered and know I am not making up who I am. There is a knowing deep down that these planets and their meaning are a part of me.”