I WILL BE SELLING MY VASEs, SCULPTURE, EARRINGS, ETC….which include the Glass Paint Brushes, Assemblage, Anchovy Can Altars, Bath Salts (the kind you soak in), Etc. OH yeah!…. I have making these bitchen crowns that everyone loves….know any royalty you want to make official?

THROUGH NOVEMBER 24, 2013….Please note this, as I still have people wanting to come to the studio to watch me blow glass……and I haven’t been there since 2009!  The calendar pages continue to blow in the wind as graceful as the sycamore leaf!

Location: 1623 E. Thompson Blvd. Ventura
Hours:  Thursday-Saturday 12-5 
             Sunday 12-4
                          By appointment  805-660-4605

SHOP EARLY as you know……all is one of a kind, and the stock is abundant.

Tall Vase, Earrings, Fluid Vase

All the best,

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