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Shedding Layers

The first, close, tattered from a struggle, glides to the ground, it’s voice says “write for the universal, not from the personal”.  Thread bare strips which fail to fall, hang deep in the recedes of consciousness, surely to be met again in the future, this thin layer, constant and familiar.

The newest, thickest layer, off gasses synthetic.  “Thud” of a first conversation condensed into the threat of lawsuit heavily hitting the dust.  Insects, animals, and neighbors creeping the ground, avoiding toxicity.  Once “welcome” translated through online reservations and instructions, hangs “Private”.


Next, a wider layer in the form of innocents, gathering gumption to question timidly camouflaged in second thoughts, “oh, by the way……do you think I have a right to my privacy, my parking place, my life?”  A full bolt of richly woven fabric unrolling into oblivion and back again, the texture of community~ a hold up old lady, the reined in kid, the recluse never concerned, all once moving freely, now peer out wanting.

Lastly, the logical, in the form of a counter intuitive request asking for structure, for law, to line up, to shore up a world that has fed itself on nature, creativity, open door policy, and friendship. Before, a revolving invitation the garden the studio, now, an obstruction to tourist’s curiosity.

In the end, as in the beginning, there is no boundary~ says the wise cat

The “Icebreaker Speech” at Toastmaster’s~ Introducing myself to a group of strangers.  The issue, grist for the speech.

The 2:00 minute mark is where it begins:



The life size skeleton in the deodar.

The following “2 minutes” was my intention:

I acknowledge the weight that is now on your staff and I honor the process it takes to get an ordinance passed and enforced.  I also address the heavy weight on the Ojai community each day that goes by without that written ordinance to guide us as I read letters to the editor, circular social media feeds, and see the unfortunate consequences that stem from STR’s.

If the Ojai Valley tourism issue, of which I believe includes STRs and homeshares, were a natural disaster, I’d be calling FEMA right now.  That is why I am here today.  I ask for your help.  I am requesting from the board an emergency expedite on the writing or the STR/Homeshare ordinance.  We need something to guide us through this transformation of allowing businesses in residential areas.  Without the guidelines of the law and steps that it takes to enforce that law, I am watching my community tear itself apart.  Sooner rather than later will you please give us structure to back up the board’s decision so that we can protect the integrity of our neighborhood.  And for the record, I would like to scratch the last paragraph of one of my letters to you where I state positives of homeshares.  After seeing the inability to have a neighborly conversation and the deceit through the extremely mercurial nature of the STR business model in order for the STRs to survive, I now support the City of Ojai in favor of it’s full on ban of both STR and homeshares~

The actual “4:20 minutes” in “Public Comments” at the May 9 meeting.


Time is the final currency
Not Money Not Power
The time will come when you will give anything for one more hour.
David Crosby

These layers line a path to the depths of this waxing scorpio moon. Pushing up from the murk, focused through cloudy disruption onto the good things coming~ kiss, kiss, kiss~

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