Wake of the Lake

This morning’s walk took me further, beyond my usual route, ending up with my feet in the mud at the edge of the shore. There I could feel the energy of a storm just gone through the east, lapping in the heavy wake.  My west coast people are concerned for me in these storms.  I keep telling them to look at a map….see exactly where I am……”Go to Lake Ontario, about the center of the U.S. shore, straight down, the small lake shaped like a ‘Y’? I am there, at the southern end”. The storm didn’t reach here, today is filled with sun & blue sky, not snow.

The inspirational push to my boundaries this morning was a blog post.  Reading it urged me to see a different vision, suggested expanding my horizon.  And I did, and it worked. Though it all seems like an outer experience- “different vision” & “expanded horizon”- it’s not. It is happening on, which seems to be my theme these days, an Inner Level. 

In the sound of the water, beyond the secure and known in which I create over and over in order to feel safe, I sense safety in the unknown. I watch the wake in it’s effortless push to shore.  A flow.  The process of this flow…. trustworthy.  

Trusting does not come easily to me. It is my challenge.  It is my change.  I have not had the courage to allow….not even wanted to give a glance at how to go about it in order to “just be”.  Though, my own soul, constant and loyal, still pleading, “Do you acknowledge?  Will you stop and see? Can you let things be?  When?”  

In response I am grateful to say-

Yes, today, down at the lake, watching the wake, effortlessly.

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