The Assignment

Over a week ago the sun was ducked behind the storm named Sandy.  One week ago I was waiting for what was to come, after having prepared for it to the best of my ability. Bottled water, food, water in the bathtub, flashlight batteries, etc. This area was not touched by the storm as drastically as others. Though, I see that winter is definitely here, at least weather wise, if not season wise.  (just don’t look at the 60 degree forecast for this weekend…which I am trying to not get great hopes up about)

With this knowledge of impending winter and trying to not get too freaked out by it, I gave myself a project of photographing some of the buildings that intrigue me.  In order to get me out and move, regardless of the weather.  I have been noting them in my mind as I drive by in the car, so this assignment was to get out and shoot them on foot or bike.  

Place I love.  Someone has fixed it up.
School.  Once was Curtiss house/bike factory.

Mallory Mill.  Next door to where I live.  BTW….For lease

Place begging to be fixed up.

Great Western

Pleasant Valley


Today, November 6, 2012, I am on tender hooks in anticipation of a different kind of storm to pass.  The political storm that I have been wading through for weeks now.  As I rode my bike in the sun.  The illusive sun, having been gone for over a week, that I was so glad to welcome on my nose dripping, eyes running, beanie hugging, scarf wrapped face.

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