The Glass Dresses

    Since the big question has been “Where did you get the idea for ‘The Glass Dresses’?”
    Here, I give you the short and photographic version…..
Photo by Ann Cady @ ARC Photographic Images, Corning/Elmira NY
The latest glass dress 8/2012

In Ventura CA approximately 2004, my hot shop was glowing brightly.  After finishing the work of the day I would go to NIA, a dance /movement technique led by Kate Nash of Ventura NIA Center.  Kate, in front of the class, moved her body light as silk in the wind and was able to quickly change those movements to a razor sharp intensity that could slash a cinder block in a second, all the while with compassion, guiding us in our own dance.

At this same time Ventura County Women’s Professional Network was holding a wearable art competition.  I, being a clothes maker, wanted to make something out of glass.  My challenge was the model…Who could pull off wearing glass? Then I realized if anyone in the world could, it would be Kate. 

Not knowing her very well at the time, I sort of tip toed up to Kate after class asking if she would be willing to model for this upcoming competition….”ABSOLUTELY” was her deep, beautiful, british voiced response.

It became a collaboration.  We chose the music Carmen’s Bizet- Maria Callas, I made the dress for Kate and she wore it, but what really happened is is that she “danced” the piece….jaw dropping danced it!  We won 2 beautiful trophies- People’s Choice and Best Interpretation of the theme, which was “TheTalk of the Town”. 

Around this same time Focus on the Masters was having their  first Annual Open Studio Tour and my studio was on the map.   I wore this dress for the gala opening of the tour at the Ventura County Museum.  When people came to my studio the next day they were coming to see the dress.  They said they were afraid to appear to be staring at me at event the previous evening.  I still don’t know if their fear was because of how revealing the skirt is, or how intense the piece looks in real life.

I made a dress to wear to the gala every year after that……

                                                                                    Photo by Paul Nissen

Photo by Kim Stephenson

As I write this, so many vignettes come to mind centered around wearing the dresses….I will tell you about them in time.

Kate Nash and Teal Rowe @ Kavli Theater

 As for now my friends….

photo Ann Cady

      The End

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      Anonymous says:

      Teal, I hadn’t made the connection of the glass dress with you. This is magnificent work. What are you doing to promote yourself and your work? Barbara


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