Tale for a Pisces

Top of this St. Paddies Day to you!

This year from February 18 through March 19 the sun is in the astrological sign of Pisces.   The symbol representing Pisces is two fish swimming opposite directions, its element is water, its ruling planet is Neptune.

The following story, told to me by an Irish man about how his father used to fish the streams by hand in Ireland, reminds me so much of the many Pisces people in my life.

When fishing for trout by hand, one SLOWLY sneaks up to the water and puts a hand in, inch by inch approaching the fish from below and delicately tickling its underside, the fish becomes mesmerized.  The term for this technique is Guddling (see the link for a detailed story). The fish, merged with the water, does not suspect the human hand.  At the right time, the guddler grabs the gills and catches the fish.

From the nutshell of a story, to a general blanket statement, I notice how my own Pisces friends go with the flow.  The inner and outer is woven together for them through their dream world.  Many are artists, dipping their brushes and ceramic tools as they express that exact dream, whether it be a vision, feeling, or emotion.  They serve as healers and psychics and they don’t even realize it.   They seem easily influenced by those that they mingle with and they are sometimes misled, a bit like the fish in the description above.  I notice the work it takes to keep the focus on themselves rather than feeling a victim and blaming others.

Astrologically speaking, as we look at the “natal chart” of the exact time of birth, we see where the “signs” and “planets” are in the “houses” of the chart.  Through interpretation we can confirm the purpose we are living, and giving.   It can also show us areas in our lives that we may be not be completely aware of, thus leading us to guidance and a fresh vision.

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