Watching Noam Chomsky’s DVD and thinking back on many of my conversations with my Grandad

reminds me to not take the horrendous things that are going on in the world to heart.

Listening to other’s experiences of earlier times of crisis and seeing that today they can talk about them calmly as if they are sweeping their arm through a sky of history, a slight watery color that washes an even clearer trail as the telling of past struggles gets another sweep.

These tellers of their story have survived.  They are here to tell.  And the thing that hooks me is that CALM that they tell it with.  I am attracted to that calm because I seek it.  And I am seeking in the not so O.K. places to seek calm.  Like Iraq Afghanistan, or the Canadian Tar Sands just to name a few.   Why in the world would I go to these places to seek calm?
Because they call me.
They are anything BUT the calm.  The crisis, the wars, the environmental stuff calls to my heart.

At OHI one of the instructors encouraged us to tell our story, any story, 3 times- and only 3 times.  First to ourselves, second to someone else or a group to allow it into the world, and third, to hang on to the story and its strength for someone that we think could really benefit from hearing it- and one never knows how many years THAT would take!

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