A long hallway, the way out was a doorway that had been tiled down to the opening size of a shoe box.  Clean, colorful, Moorish tiles.  An exquisitely crafted tile job down to the rounded edges of a sill that lined a gap just too small for me to fit through.

A super compassionate woman at an information window said that the small portal was the only exit.  Thinking there was some trick I would use to fit through, I wanted to finagle a way out.  I went back and forth in my mind, figuring and looking at the opening to see if my ideas would work.  I think the woman sensed my shut in irritation as we were dialoging, until she kindly assured me that there was “no other way”.

In a surge of discontent I conjured up the power to loudly scream “BULLSHIT!”- simultaneously a door appeared.

I opened that door to find another door, then another, and another- I finally saw oak trees through a large, beautiful, open, glass door.

Through obstacles in the way, through other peoples truths, sometimes one just has to call bullshit and go for it.

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