Balls to the Walls

Blow Pipes and Puntys in pipe warmer

The ends of the pipes are perfect at an orange glow….not too yellow, not too red.  

Today was a “balls to the walls” (B2W)  kind of day in the studio. 
Big macho energy….mine.  
Big fresh ideas….mine.  

My B2W attitude brings me more of what I already know.  It is big and tough and not to be messed around with.  I think it’s what it takes for me to step up to my ideas.

Not today.  Not recently.  

And less and less is this attitude of bravado working for me.  I can be grateful to see how the competitive rush- that I rise to so easily- is loosing it’s edge.  That the strategies that chop and cut- sharp and definite are not taking me to where I want to be.  

Just because B2W got/gets me through some interesting jaunts and intersections, it isn’t much of a journey.  It is, like I said, big and tough, and today… it led to “floor models”- a term coined by the person who taught me how to blow glass-Ed Broadfield.

Notice the plural of “floor model”?  This is one….  Of a few….  That I dropped today.


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