An Added Kick To Life

Some dogs show me a part of their personality with the kick of their back leg.  Maybe it’s not exactly the “personality” they are showing.

As I follow a dog on the trail I notice the right side of the back kick of its leg is a bit askew from the direct kick of the left.   
While she runs it seems a handicap, as the imbalance lists her to one side, yet consistently compensating, her front paws keep her on course.  It gives a “cuteness” to her personality.  A bit more energy than most.  An extra kick to life.  

Then, I wonder what wounds exactly HAS she integrated?  What IS she compensating for?  Or was she born this way?  Whatever the answer is,  I think it has to do with much more than projecting a “cute” disposition into the world.

I notice the integrated, and not so integrated, wounds in myself.  I don’t have words to share with you about them.  


Though, I can tell you, like the pup, they are more than “cute”.

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