In the 70’s my mom and aunt were doing our family’s astrological charts,
calculating the information without a computer and drawing them by hand. I remember the painstaking time they took, in the end creating beautifully crafted charts spruced up by calligraphy and color.

Along with consciousness-raising phrases and feminist vocabulary of the 70’s era, our everyday household conversation was filled with labeling each other’s zodiac traits such as, “Oh, I acknowledge your Cancerian sensitivity”, “This action reeks of the Aries anger!” etc. We planted, pruned, and cut hair by the moon’s phases. We took notice of what was going on in the sky.

In the ‘80’s, my best friend spoke with me about astrology. She structured her life around the movements of the planets. I would hang on her every word as we hiked in the mountains or looked for glass on the beach. This one-sided conversation went on for years as I had little astrological knowledge. I only reflected back to her what I heard. I also asked a lot of questions and absorbed the information at a deep level. This friend is no longer living. Now, her sister and I continue a similar conversation about our passion, astrology.

My side of the conversation began to expand around November 2007 when Mars went retrograde in Cancer. Not that I was searching, which is a constant for me, but I was grasping for something– answers, life, passion. I really started to take note of the movement of the planets for myself. Then I took astrology classes and read many books. Slowly I started to speak the language. I now have the tools that I need and continue to gather every bit of information that I can in a study that has no end.

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