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Today I blew glass.   I sculpted glass too.   Heavy.   Hot.   Massive equipment using huge amounts of electricity and gas.  I struggled with the newness of the environment, the different temperature and quality of the glass, the heaviness of the annealer door, the furnace door too.  The height of the marver, the […]

Bates Beach

With the urgency of the surfers running down the steps racing out to huge, loud, tubular waves.   As the chill of the Pacific cuts against my shins.   I turn my back to the sun and excitement and feel a deep familiarity rise up through the shadow cast before me.   The hang of […]

One Hand and The Other

To be here -present- in my breath feels a luxury to me on one hand and on the other……The other hand, muscular from use -strong.  The one willing to reach out to the wild horse. The one that can snap it’s fingers crisply and sharply without thought.  The one that gets “R” done.  On that […]

An Added Kick To Life

Some dogs show me a part of their personality with the kick of their back leg.  Maybe it’s not exactly the “personality” they are showing.As I follow a dog on the trail I notice the right side of the back kick of its leg is a bit askew from the direct kick of the left. […]

Good Morning

I realize I would much rather read someone else’s story than write my own.  Why is that?  I don’t want to touch upon my own unrealized, unactualized.  My own story seems like a responsibility. To feel it.  To write it.  To stand behind it.  And then I think I have to answer for it.   What […]

I mean Come On, I go to these blogs and see the self sell behind it all.  I envy the pizzaz it takes to do so.  In the next breath a gagging comes over me- for 10 years?  Really?  What else is going on?The theme is to have a theme.  I don’t want a theme. […]

Gifts from open hands come my way today. To be able to put down a word- each word in unique order- one at a time until the idea is out.  I am used to the flow of the ink, that drawing of the line that forms an idea.  It is a visual for me, that […]

Monday mornings with Christine Brennan For the past few weeks I have been excited to adventure through my “new” discovery of the blogging world.  At my weekly breakfast with Christine Brennan, she assures me it is a world well over ten years old now. Today I join that world.  On time.  My time.