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Study War No More

50 years ago. Plus Minus “Load up!” The familiar command to hop in the back seat. Business in town. Drive Focus Bud’s exhale “God damn hippies” combats my silent intrigue as we pass so many sitting on the wall. Three miles, though an entire atmosphere away from home. Liberation Distance The mood is lifted as […]


I once made a pact that I would do something. As I write these words I am fulfilling that agreement. It feels lame. An excuse. All of those great ideas blown by. Why didn’t I catch them. Make myself sit. Now on this eve of September 30th. A true challenge. I admit it. I accept […]

The Pool- Tale for a Cancer

Cancer-  ruled by the moon-symbolized by the crab- cardinal- water sign. I have always loved that my sun is in Cancer.  Home, nurturing, a sensitive emotional side, are typical qualities of Cancer that I enjoy, rescuer, smotherer, worrier, are others that I sometimes loath. This summer I have had the experience of truly soothing my […]


A long hallway, the way out was a doorway that had been tiled down to the opening size of a shoe box.  Clean, colorful, Moorish tiles.  An exquisitely crafted tile job down to the rounded edges of a sill that lined a gap just too small for me to fit through. A super compassionate woman at […]

Leaning In

100%  Full force   Leaning in  45 degrees Up Shots fired target practice in the next canyon  Wanting to ignore Rationalizing It is just a sound OK I can’t The body won’t 180 degrees Straight Down


The sun is in the astrological sign of Gemini, the twins.  Ruling planet, Mercury, element, Air. When I needed to write high school papers I never really quite knew how to go about it.  I had an editor in the house, so it made things convenient if and when I played my cards right. A […]